Greens Resurfacing Programs  

How We Can Help...

Whether converting to a new and improved hybrid bentgrass or from bentgrass to an ultradwarf Bermuda, GCS Inc can perform these services, including but not limited too, removal of old organic matter, incorporating new sand and amendments to your rootzone, floating, compacting and tying in your new putting surfaces to existing collars and surrounds, as well as, recapturing lost putting surface areas. 


Collar Replacement - Bare Spot Repair
Irrigation Head Leveling & Replacement
Catch Basin Leveling & Replacement
Golf Course Drainage
Bunker Improvement Projects
Tournament Detail Preparation
Under Brush Removal
Mulch Spreading
Green Resurfacing Programs
Tee Resurfacing & Laser Leveling
Stone Wall Construction
Lake & Creek Bank Contouring
Golf Course Construction & Renovation


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